Updated: 3/30/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hello! We are the site leaders, and we are like the nucleus of the school! Here's why..
  • We are the nucleus because, we control the school. We also keep students things stored!
  • Hello, this is the cafeteria! It is like mitochondria because it supplies energy (food) to our students!
  • Hello, I am the person at the front desk. I monitor who goes in and out of the building just like how a cell membrane does in a cell!
  • This is the trees of our school! It is like chloroplast because photosynthesis occurs in it, and it also makes food for plants.
  • This is the wall of our school! It protects and helps the school maintain shape, just like the vacuoles in a cell.
  • This is the restroom of the school! it stores food nutrients and waste, just like a vacuole!