M8U2A2 Case Study
Updated: 5/18/2020
M8U2A2 Case Study

Storyboard Description

Mike 8-year-old boy, 3rd grade

Storyboard Text

  • Mike8-years-old3rd grade
  • Difficulty with executive functionstask initiation, impulse control, organization, ability to complete multi-step activities
  • Gr. 1: Full Psychological Evaluation identified him as student with multiple exceptionalitiesIQ 129 and musically gifted
  • - Sets very high expectations for himself,- Easily frustrated- Feelings of unworthiness
  • Does not meet full criteria for ADHD Dx, but has many traits
  • WHAT HAS BEEN DONE 1. Instructional accommodations 2. Environmental accommodations 3. Assessment accommodations
  • ???