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Updated: 12/7/2020
Science Nerd Comic

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  • You know, this diner could be compared to photosynthesis!
  • Please tell me this outing isn't going to become antoher science lesson...
  • Think about it. The orders are like carbon dioxide and water, taken in by the plant, or in this case, the restaurant staff. These are the reactants required for photosynthesis! The waiter sends the orders to the chef. Then, the chef executes those orders, giving the customers their food. The customers, in return, give the diner money, the glucose of our analogy. This money is used to pay the staff and to give the diner more resources to work with! This will allow the diner to stay open for a long time, just a like a plant will survive when given the proper resources. Photosynthesis is awesome!
  • You just have to ruin every outing we go on, don't you?
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