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Anne Frank video
Updated: 3/26/2020
Anne Frank video
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Storyboard Description

This is a short video clip for new media marketing for nuru

Storyboard Text

  • opening scene
  • Anne Frank was a young girl who showed resilience when her town was occupied by Hitler's Army in 1942
  • scene two
  • As she and her family hid from Htler, she wrote a book, The Diary of a young girl, which helped to expose Hitler's evil to all of the world
  • scene three
  • At nuru, we want to inspire young children to have the values to overcome today's main social problems, climate change, waste, corruption, and inequality.
  • We have a still picture of Anne FrankA female voice-over introduces Anne FrankCalm music plays in the background, just beats no soundscene is 10 seconds
  • scene four
  • like Anne Frank we want to create impactful content. we have written a storybook for lower primary children. it is a curious adventure of three kids who discover the effects of throwing litter on the earth, and decide to do better.
  • Same calm music from scene 1 continues to play. We have a still visual of Anne Frank's book, The Diary of a young girlScene is 10 seconds
  • final scene
  • click the link on our bio/ call this number/ visit our website/ to order a copy for your kids/
  • same calm music from scenes 1 and 2 continues to playScene is 10 seconds A still visual or silent vid of lowe primary school children at a school
  • Addendum
  • same music from scenes 1, 2, and 3 plays.The visual is a copy of our book, how we expect the finished product to look like. the product should be good to look at, full with a cover illustration
  • music comes to a close.the visual for the scene is our company logoit has the call to actionscene is 10 seconds
  • nuru
  • ideally this video should be thirty sec.the video is for twitter, facebook, ig,
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