Updated: 11/4/2020

Storyboard Text

  • A great feaast was held in Beowulf's honor where he boasted about his bravery. Just then the beast arrived.
  • Who?
  • When Beowulf defeated Grendel the king threw another feast in Beowulf's honor!
  • For Justice!
  • King Hrothgar tells Beowulf that there is a lake where the water burns and where he believes Grendel's mother is hiding.
  • Beowulf is trying to follow and catch up the Grendel's mother. She recognized that there is someone always followed by someone.
  • Since the Grendel's mother is arrived her home, Beowulf start to fight with her. Beowulf get the sword which is on the ground and killed her.
  • Beowulf again saves the kingdom and brings back the head of Grendel's mother.