spanish reconquista storybored
Updated: 2/22/2021
spanish reconquista storybored

Storyboard Text

  • The spanish reconquista
  • give me spain and i will give you this life of gold or not mev and mt army are going take spain
  • fine i surrender
  • the spanish inquisition
  • are you a christian or not if not u have two options
  • you must leave if not ur gonna be here for the rest of ur life
  • yes i am a christain please let me go im in so must pain
  • chris you where not lying about india you found it
  • The desire for Exploration
  • i did it
  • kingdom of catile and leon took back granada
  • after kingdom castile and leon tourture people if thier where not christian.
  • hiding from death
  • we lost him ill will go this way
  • ill go this way lets find him
  • christopher columbus found india instead of aisa