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Lorelei barber- Period 5
Updated: 3/27/2020
Lorelei barber- Period 5
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  • No Respect.
  • Why can't you write any documents in english ?
  • Why should we have to, You were the one who decided to come live here.
  • Locked up.
  • Let me out of here.
  • A small affair.
  • We will show no mercy.We will take victory or death.
  • You are out numbered.
  • The tejanos and the Americans had no respect for each and the way they live. For example the Americans hated that the Tejanos wrote there legal documents is spanish and the Americans wouldn't learn spanish and the Tejanos were mad because the Americans didn't ask Mexico if they could come to texas and the Americans showed little respect to the Tejanos culture.
  • Nap time.
  • I'm going to take a nap.
  • The tajons got so mad that eventaully Mexico closed immagration boarders which meant no more Americans could come to taxes> This Made Americans quite made so a man named Stephan Austin traveled to Mexico to ask the Mexican dictator to reopen the boarder but in stead Stephan was but in prison because the dictator say what he was doing as a act of promoting rebellion.
  • Nap time is over.
  • Remeber the Alamo.
  • After the Texans heard abput what had happened to Stephan they revolted and the Texns wanted to fght the Tejanos. So the TExans took a small mission called the Alamo BUt their was only 180 Texans agaist a lot of Tejanos. But the Texans wouldn't give up they thought they would we so they raised a black flag that ment they would show no mercy. And they also said that they would take victory or death. So for the next few day the Tejanos bounded the Alamo with cannonballs UNtil the first fight and since the texans were outnumbered they lost and all of them were dead but santa ann just called it a small affair.
  • Want to become a state?
  • We want to become the 28th state.
  • The texans had a great idea to lure Santa ann and his men estward into texans. But santa ann thought somthing like this would happen so he had his men stay up all night to make sure if someone attacked they would be ready to fight. But fighting wasn't the texans plays, the Texans planned to trick the tejanos to thinking they would attack so they would all be super tired. And it worked so the next day after they weren't attacked Santa Ann went to take a nap.
  • The next morning in Houston the Teaxn troops rranged a surprise attack. THey were yalling remeber the Alamo and the texans over ran the spanish camp. And so the Texans captured Santa Ann and they said if you want your freedom you would have to order all your remaining troops out of texa. And so he did it and texas had won the war of indepence.
  • Texa was a independent state for ten years. but after a while a lot of texans wanted texas to become a state. which would mean that texas would be a slave state and the 28th state. But many northerns didn't want another slave state. But if the Texans weren't arguing with the northerns they were nervous that becoming the 28th state wuld start a war with mexico. but thnakful it didn't and by 1845 texas became the 28th state.
  • Thats nice. BUt we don't want another slave state.
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