History Project
Updated: 1/17/2020
History Project
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  • ¨The Han Dynasty ruled from approximately 206-220 B.C.E creating an important and prosperous period in chinese culture and history¨
  • The Han Dynasty fell in 220 because of a corrupt government only out for themselves and not the people of china
  • The Fall of the Dynasty created three kingdoms Wei, Wu, and Shu-Han and then was conquered in wars and was then the start of the JIn dynasty
  • The Jin dynasty ruled until 420 B.C.E and was then conquered by the Sui Dynasty. The Sui dynasty united china and enforced the religion of buddhism and confucianism
  • After Wendi death in 602, his heir Yangdi took control continuing his policies strengthen south china with greed and cruelty leading to the fall of the Sui dynasty
  • The Tang dynasty took over strengthening china in all ways creating cultural exchanges, religious practices, and military advancements to rule almost 3 centuries
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