Updated: 1/25/2020
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  • One day Georgie was sitting in his room bored. He finished his homework, played outside, played video games and yet he was still sitting in his room bored. It was 9:00 for god's sake! This is because Georgie's dad is a scientist/historian who works until 12:00 non-stop.
  • Georgie was about to go to sleep, when he had an idea. Every morning his dad would always brag about this new thing he had invented. He always told Georgie that while he was gone to never check the basement. So, being an 11 year old kid, he decided to disregard his father's wishes and go to the basement.
  • He went into the basement and there was... a basketball. Georgie was very confused, he looked everywhere else in the basement, but the basketball was the only thing there. Georgie grabbed the basketball, and as soon as he touched the ball, it grew 15 times it's normal size!
  • There was also a door on the basketball. Georgie opened the door puzzled as he stepped inside the basketball. Inside the ball was an array of buttons, levers, and switches that had a label for either a year or a specific historical event. Georgie thought about this for a moment and realized what his dad was bragging about. His dad had built a time machine
  • Georgie had to try it out, but he didn't no where to start, should he go to the American Revolution, or any of the World Wars, or meet Marie Antionette and eat cake. Then he realized how this could work really well. Georgie's social studies teacher, Mrs. Jones, gave the class an assignment to research and wriet and essay about Mesopatamia and Ancient Egypt. He could go to Mesopatamia and Egypt and research there.
  • So Georgie pressed the Mesopatamia button and the machine rattled for about five seconds and stopped.
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