fighting like anything but in last agreed

Updated: 6/29/2020
fighting  like anything but  in last agreed

Storyboard Text

  • huh finally after this day i realized that you are a selfish jerk we will never meet again
  • YAY we won . How did your team do Scarlet
  • Didn't we won ,we were playing in the opposite sides ?
  • What happened Scar , why are you looking confused
  • Get away from me you fat big liar!!!!!
  • How dare yoy say that Scar i am so angry on you
  • oh really the how said that you won the match
  • Yes and sorry i am so sorry i was thinking something else i am so sorry !!!!!!
  • you jealous little worm you are a big jerk
  • can you just remember again who won .
  • OK let me think . hmmmmmmmmmmm
  • I know that you did not mean that yo are never like that!
  • Did you think ?