Social studies
Updated: 3/3/2020
Social studies

Storyboard Text

  • Battle of fallen timbers
  • Treaty of greensville
  • We surrender
  • Whiskey's rebellion
  • Battle of fallen timbers was a battle where Indians and British soldiers fought against the Americans. Because we were taking the land that we owned.
  • Washingtons Farewell
  • Farewell and good luck to all
  • The treaty of greensville was the treatywas a 1795 treaty between the United States and Indians of the Northwest Territory including the Wyandot and Delaware, which redefined the boundary between Indian lands and Whiteman's lands in the Northwest Territory
  • Whiskeys rebellion is where American farmers didn't pay taxes. because of the tax on whiskey because it was thought of as a luxury item.
  • After Washington's 3rd term as president, he was tired of public life. Before he retired he wrote a farewell letter warning the Americans of; foreign ties and political conflict at home. And to be careful with other countries problems