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Updated: 10/1/2021
Beowulf Storyboard

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  • The Wrath of Grendel
  • Finally, everyone's passed out!
  • The Battle with Grendel
  • I'll rip your arm off with my bare hands!
  • The Monster's Lair
  • They will get what they deserve for killing my son!
  • Grendel was a monster perceived to be born of Cain. Grendel had a hatred towards the positivity of Herot. So Grendel would go to Herot when everyone was passed out drunk, and would kill off handfuls at a time.
  • The Battle with Grendel's Mother
  • Beowulf went off to take care of Grendel once and for all. The Danes who had accompanied him tried to assist, but their weapons could not do much. Ultimately, Beowulf had succeeded by ripping Grendel's arm off.
  • The Last Battle
  • Beowulf and Wiglaf
  • While Beowulf and the others had celebrated, Grendel's mom began to exact her revenge. She killed Hrothgar's friend and took her son's arm back. Afterwards she returns to her lair beneath the water.
  • the Spoils
  • Indeed. Make a memorial for when i'm gone to remind others of my tale.
  • Grendel had leapt beneath the water to Grendel's mother's lair to defeat her. Beowulf and Grendel's mother had begun to attack, however his sword could not do anything to Grendel's mother. He saw a weapon in the lair, and that axe was strong enough to cut through and defeat Grendel's mother.
  • Years later, Grendel has become the king and had to fight a dragon. When fighting the Dragon, his sword broke to pieces and he was in a tight spot. When his followers saw that Beowulf was losing, all of them except Wiglaf, Beowulf's cousin, fled from battle.
  • We shall be victorious!
  • After the Dragon was killed, The two had realized that Beowulf was going to die soon. Wiglaf had managed to show Beowulf the treasure that they had gained from defeating the dragon. Beowulf proceeded to tell Wiglaf what he wanted as a memorial to all he's done in his life.
  • We did it, my lord.