Mystical Adventure
Updated: 3/12/2020
Mystical Adventure
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  • *Shortly after Sage got her powers and filled Aaron in*
  • We're almost there!
  • Where are we even going anyway?
  • Oh, ok. Why would there be noise coming from the cave?
  • It's that place that I was telling you about. The cave!
  • That's why we're here to figure out what's going on.
  • Alright, i'm sure there's no---
  • *Evil Laughter* I'm finally able to reclaim what's rightfully mine!
  • After hearing a horrid noise, they both make their way to where it came from. Even if she didn't know at first, Sage was determined to stop whatever caused it. Aaron, however, was still pretty confused.
  • ...
  • *Joins in helping with the incantation*
  • After getting halfway their, Sage figures out where it's coming from the cave where Sage got her powers. She told him where it came from and he remembered a past conversation. He was ready to help her in any way.
  • *Shouts a weakening spell at the enemy*
  • You can't defeat me, I have used magic long---
  • *Shouts a banishing spell once he was weakened*
  • They finally make it to the cave, still hearing the noise. Aaron has his doubts that it's serious. Sage tells him that there's no harm in checking.
  • Guess we made it just in time?
  • Thank you, I am willing to help in anyway I can.
  • Indeed, i see your power has grown since you first cam here, and your friend has shown great potential as well.
  • All of a sudden, they hear some evil laughter. This confirms Sage's suspicion and convinces Aaron that there's something wrong. They both quickly make there way inside.
  • When they enter, they see the spirit that Sage had told Aaron of, and someone new. Sage knew immediately that he was no good and sprung into action, with Aaron following her lead. When he was weakened, the spirit took the chance and banished him into a crystal for good.
  • The spirit thanks Sage for her help, and recognizes Aaron as a magic wielder. Sage and Aaron have continued to practice their magic to prepare for anything. While the spirit stays to keep a careful eye on the crystal to ensure no escape.
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