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Updated: 2/19/2020
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  • The Aztec people had been walking every day for months now, searching for a new home. They took short breaks to eat, stopping only at night to sleep.
  • Now the Aztec were in the center of a great valley. Their leaders at the front of the long line strode once more to the old high priest. “Is this the right place for us to stop?” the leaders asked. “Is this our new home?” The priest was very old.
  • he told them, “No, not yet. We are waiting for a sign from the gods. When they want us to stop and make a home, they will tell us.” So their journey continued.
  • Finally, one day their forward scouts came back to report, “There is a great lake ahead, in the center is an island.
  • “It is the sign!” the people all muttered, and they fell to their knees on the green lakeshore. A small boy knelt on the ground beside his mother, tugging at her robe and asking, “What sign?” The mother gathered her son close to her and promised that he would hear the story of the Aztec people before the end of the day. For now, they sat in awe of the sight that was before them.
  • “For years we have sought the sign of our new home, predicted by the gods long ago. The gods said that when the Aztec people saw an eagle on a cactus eating a serpent, they would know that they had found their true home. For nearly one hundred years now, our people have wandered in search of this sign from the gods.
  • At last, we have found our home.” The children smiled at one another. They began to understand the importance of seeing the wondrous sight of the eagle eating the snake. They began to realize that they would no longer have to wander without a home. “We are home,” they said to one another. “Yes,” their parents said to them. “You are home. We are all home.”
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