Joan of Arc
Updated: 2/9/2021
Joan of Arc

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  • Right now the English are winning.
  • The Hundred Year War.
  • Hi i'm an English solider fighting the French, and i'm going to tell you about a girl we captured called Joan.
  • Joan of Arc: early life
  • Joan and the French Prince
  • By Aaron Tarver 7th grade
  • Joan leads French to victory at the Battle for Orleans
  • Joan was a peasant girl who grew up in a small town in France. When she was twelve she started having visions about leading the French to victory. This continued for several years. But when the English moved into her village, she didn't like it, then one day she had a vision that she would lead the french to victory. So when she was sixteen she left her village to help the french.
  • Joan's Capture and Death
  • Joan went to the Prince of French to tell him that the french will win the war, and the prince was so desperate he believe her and put her in the war.
  • Joan Inspires the French to win the war
  • The French army saw Joan and where inspriered because there's a nineteen year old girl running to battle.
  • The English burned her because she was convicted of hersesy, witchcraft, and dressing like a man.
  • After Joan's death the French were inspriered to win the war beating the English in the process, after this Joan was seen as a saint and was later put into sainthood.