Great Depression
Updated: 2/4/2021
Great Depression

Storyboard Text

  • Where is all your food? I am starving
  • Sorry the local farms have been dried out and the boll weevil ate all the cotton. 1915
  • Can I exchange my stocks for money?
  • I would like to make a withdraw of my savings.
  • IN sorry gentlemen but since black Tuesday in 1929 we have no money.
  • I love the new CCC thats part of the New Deal. I now get food and i can send my money to my family.
  • And we also get to do community work for the rest of the people so when the depression end they can use the stuff we made
  • Didi you hear that with the new REA we will be getting power.
  • Thats awesome we don't have to use candles anymore and the droughts have ended now our lives are starting to get good again.
  • The New AAA just announced that they will pay us to grow different crops. They will also help raise other crop prices giving us more money
  • Thats awesome honey now we can start getting money again and food.
  • With the new SSA when we retire that will help secure our financial futures
  • Yeah its awesome we can not worry about after we retire.