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Updated: 4/14/2020
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  • Excuses for War
  • Wait, weren't we the ones who sank it?
  • Spain sank the USS Maine!!!War until further notice!
  • Yeah. And?
  • America Wanting Global Trade
  • You're telling me I have to trade with those filthy Westerners?!?
  • We're not the ones with the guns, are we?
  • Growing Military Influence
  • But I enlisted to fight for MY country, not theirs!!
  • USA declared war on Spain on April 25, 1898 publicly because of the USS Maine, but it was really to free Cuba from Spanish oppression and take control over the new territory. This event showed America's greed over even a small territory like Cuba, and also their willingness to start a war over it.
  • American "Neutrality"
  • You're telling me we're NOT fighting in World War 1?!
  • Oh, so NOW you want to fight?
  • Because all the superpowers wanted access to trade with China, they created the "Open Doors" policy in 1899 to keep China open to non-biased and non-selective trade with other countries.Similar to the events leading up to the Spanish-American war, the "Open Doors" policy was a direct result of America's greed over foreign affairs.
  • RIP Pearl Harbor
  • The Japanese raided a military base...Let's drop a nuke on a civilian city.
  • America was growing stronger and stronger economically... And a bigger country means a bigger military. In 1904, the Roosevelt Corollary was put in place. The military grew so big, America decided that it could police other countries - namely the Caribbean.
  • Overwhelming Technology
  • So this is what's left of my house after the bomb?
  • Ironically, after getting in other countries' business during the Spanish American War and The Open Doors policy, America stayed neutral at the beginning of WW1... that is until Germany's plans of attack on America were leaked. America entered the war in 1917, a year before it ended.
  • F.D. Roosevelt didn't want to participate in World War 2, but Japan's bombing of America's military base in Pearl harbor was a declaration of war between Japan and America. But unlike World War 1, America actively participated in this war, fighting on the Eastern and Western fronts.
  • Due to the USA's new technology, the atom bomb, Japan's Hiroshima and Nagasaki were completely decimated. They quickly surrendered, realizing the technology of nuclear warfare.
  • Payback's a b*tch.
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