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Updated: 9/1/2020
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  • Meet Maddie (Imperative)
  • The witch (Declarative)
  • Hi sweety! (Excamitory) I can make all your dreams come true. (Declaritive)
  • AHHHHHHH!!(Excamitory)
  • Lillys wish (Decorative)
  • Lilly was a nice girl. ( Declarative). She had a home and a couple of friends. (Declarative) . Did I mention they were all animals of the forest? (Interrogative)
  • Her dream come true(Declarative)
  • Lilly was walking in the woods (Declarative) . Right when she was about to go home...she ran into this witch!!!! (Exclamatory)" I will give you 1 wish," the witch said. ( Declarative)
  • The wedding (Declarative)
  • While Lilly was running away, she remembered her most wanted wish! (exclamatory) She has always wanted to marry a prince. (Declarative) "
  • "OMG!!!!!!" (Exclamatory) The girl knew the witch was evil. (Declarative) She got engaged to the prince, locked up the witch in a tower, and found out the witch's name was Carliea!! (exclamatory)
  • After years of planning, they finally decided to do the wedding! (exclamatory)
  • They decided to live in a normal-sized house. They had 2 kids (Mary and Matthew)(Declarative) They lived the bast happy ever after anyone could have!!(exclamatory)THE END!!! (exclamatory)
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