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Updated: 12/17/2019
Unknown Story
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  • She is a healthy baby.
  • goodbye everyone
  • They happily danced together through the night having a lot of fun
  • On February 17th 624 Wu Zetian was born into a wealthy family. Wu's mother came from a powerful family, the Yang. 
  • At age 14 Wu was sent to the imperial palace where she would become a concubine, also know as a lesser wife for Emperor Taziong further pursuing her education.
  • I am your new empress I will bring peace and prosperity to China!
  • The emperor had 14 children Wu had an affair with the ninth who would become the next emperor. During that she became a Zhayoi the haighest ranking concubine. 
  • She was a amazing person who helped China
  • Here lies Empress Wu
  • Wu had three children, two sons and one daughter. Wu would kill her daughter to frame the Empress, so she could have more power.
  • Wu's daughter died so her and China would thrive in the future
  • Wu became Empress. Many men were appalled by this. She also chose officials by their skills instead of their wealth. She created the Civil Service Exam and made it a tradition.
  • Empress Wu had expand China. While making in stable and strong in a time of havoc with neighboring countries. She died on December 16th 705 AD.
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