Updated: 8/27/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Andi used to live in a volcano as hot magma, then it erupted and he got separated from his family. He cooled off and formed into a rock. His family also cooled off but they are still stuck in the volcano. We call them intrusive igneous rocks.
  • Hi! I'm Andi,, that's short for Andesite. That's a type of extrusive igneous rock.
  • Hi! I'm Shalie, that stands for Shale. That's a type of sedimentary rock.
  • Shalie is a sedimentary rock which means she is made up of sediments. They were compacted and cemented together to form Shale. They can be made of dead animals, plants or sediments.
  • Hi! I'm Mable which stands for marble. That's a type of of Metamorphic rock.
  • Mable is a type of Metamorphic rock, which means it was made from 2 types of other rocks. They used heat and pressure to be formed together over time.
  • Then a horrible flood washed in and ruined everything on the island they lived on. The rocks got washed up on the shore after being eroded with sever weathering.
  • They started to think and then they saw the volcano in the distance, they thought if it erupted they could get back home. they rolled up the hill and got ready to Jump.
  • They jumped in the volcano and went back home!