Sam Cobb and Ti Smith Story Board P6
Updated: 2/10/2020
Sam Cobb and Ti Smith Story Board P6

Storyboard Text

  • No Issues Here
  • A Treaty Couldn’t Hurt
  • This is War
  • The Seminole Native tribe resided in central Florida. With the perfect climate in the south for farming, the Natives were often taken as slaves to work the brutal cotton gin for the whites. But even still, the tribes had resided peacefully without much activity between the two groups otherwise.
  • Trickery at its Finest
  • When Andrew Jackson entered presidency in the 1800s, he made it clear that he did not want Natives living on the land. In response, They tried to make a treaty. In fact, the Seminole nickname was “The unconquered people”. It soon became apparent that a treaty was not gonna cut it.
  • Natives Surrender
  • And even though removal was unconstitutional, the whites were determined. Eventually, two military campaigns were started to get the Seminole to move. But it wasn’t going to end that easily. The Natives held back the U.S. army successfully.
  • Remembered Today
  • A high ranking officer of the Seminole natives, Osceola, who was mixed heritage, was invited to a peace treaty with the Americans. However, when he arrived for the meeting, Osceola was arrested on the spot and thrown in prison as a conquered subject, where he died. This was a huge hit for the Seminole, and weakened their forces greatly.
  • With little to no power left, the Seminole finally surrendered to the U.S. In their defeat, they were forced to march over 1,000 miles to Oklahoma, which was part of native territory declared by Jackson.
  • In 1957, over 100 years after the first treaty was drafted, the U.S. government recognized the Florida Seminoles for the events occuring during their removal.