Updated: 11/13/2020

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  • Thoreau believes that rich people's unnecessary focus on material wealth ultimately introduces more problems in their lives. Thoreau criticizes them by saying that their focus on wealth drives their attention solely to how they should spend their money which then in turn drives them away from the focus of how to live their lives.
  • To escape from the greed of society I decided to move to a pond in Concord, Massachusetts and here I was able to focus on my relationship with nature
  • Thoreau describes the work of farmers as quite greedy as they try to make a lot of money which then in turn actually restricts them from becoming more successful
  • One of Thoreau's occupations was that he helped his family pencil business and utilized his ability as a designer to improve the pencil item
  • America's Best Pencils
  • Thoreau believed that you don't need a lot of worthless items to fill your home-instead, buy quality stuff that you really enjoy. Part of this is due to the sheer size of Thoreau's cabin, but he felt that the importance of objects, which Thoreau disagreed with, just promoted a cluttered home.
  • According to Thoreau, the perfect world for a student to live, but also to learn, is to live life from the beginning to the end