Ray Bradbury
Updated: 1/8/2021
Ray Bradbury

Storyboard Text

  • 7:00-"In the kitchen the stove gave a hissing sigh and ejected from its interior eight pieces of perfectly browned toast, eggs sunny side up."
  • Get up its 7:00
  • "Outside, the garage chimed and revealed the waiting car, After a long wait the door swung shut."
  • "The five spots of paint—the man, the woman, the children, the ball—remained. The rest was a thin charcoaled layer."
  • The clock announces 7:00 and the house becomes alive as it makes the food pours drinks for the family there but there is no family.
  • "10:00 At ten o'clock the house began to die. The wind blew. A failing tree bough crashed through the kitchen window. Cleaning solvent, bottled, shattered over the stove. The room was ablaze in an instant! "Fire!"
  • The house prepares the family for the rest of the day giving them raincoats opening the garage but still nothing is there.
  • "The fire burst the house and let it slam flat down, puffing out skirts of spark and smoke."
  • A nuclear explosion must have gone off which would explain the aura and the silhouettes.
  • After a long day of doing everything by itself it finally crashed down. After a tree fell through the window the house caught on fire. They made dinner filled up bathtubs even though they weren't there.
  • The house tried to save itself but it was to late and the house was destroyed.