Updated: 1/14/2020
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  • Hi, I was just thinking about how this party is like Diffusion and Osmosis.
  • What is Diffusion and osmosis?
  • Well an example of Osmosis is when water diffuses into a raisin so it's when water moves from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration
  • Okay now I get it so what's diffusion?
  • Diffusion is when substances move into and out of cells. It's when particles move from an area of low to high concentration.
  • Oh okay.
  • And endocytosis is when the cells needs are too large for the cell membrane so the cell forms a sac around it and then the sac opens inside the cell.
  • Okay so what does Exsosytosis mean?
  • Exososytosis is when the cell has something in it and it doesn't need it anymore so it forms a sac around it and it pushes it out of the cell.
  • Okay that makes sense.
  • Exsosytosis is when a cell forms a sac around the particle and it pushes it out
  • That makes much more sense than just the words
  • Sorry.
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