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morning in nagrebcan 2
Updated: 9/23/2020
morning in nagrebcan 2
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  • Ambo sat beside Baldo and both played with the puppies. Baldo held the black-spotted puppy closely, fondled it lovingly. Ambo played with the other puppies, but soon grew tired with them.
  • I'm tired with this puppies. I want to play with the black-spotted one.
  • My puppy, my puppy.
  • Please Brother, let me play with the black-spotted puppy.
  • No, I don't believe you. Don't touch my puppy.
  • I'll always obey you next time.
  • Ambo sidled close to Baldo and put out a hand to caress the black-spotted puppy but baldo struck the hand away. Ambo begged to be allowed to hold the black-spotted puppy but Baldo refuses.
  • No, I wouldn't let you do so because you ate the banana without peeling it.
  • Don't touch my puppy.
  • Ambo rose to his feet. He looked longingly at the black-spotted puppy in Baldo's arm. Suddenly he bent down and tried to snatch the puppy away. But Baldo sent him sprawling in the dust with a deft push. Baldo put down the puppy and leaped Ambo but Ambo took the chance to get the puppy. They started fighting physically. After that, Baldo runs to the puppy and hold's it in his arm while Ambo grabbed its tail causing it to get hurt and bite Ambo's hand.
  • At that moment, Tang Ciaco, their father, looked out. He saw the blood from the toothmarks on Ambo's hand. He called out inarticulately and the two brothers looked up in surprise and fear. Baldo stopped to pick up the black-spotted puppy but Tang Ciaco shouted horsely to him.
  • Don't touch the dog. Don't you see, the dog has gone mad.
  • Baldo and Ambo awaited the coming of their father with fear written on their faces. Now as he approached the two, Ambo cowered behind his elder brother. The puppy with a yelp slack between Baldo's legs. Baldo look at the dog but Tang Ciaco roared at then to get away form the dog.
  • Don't you see it is mad?
  • Tang Ciaco, with a sweeping blow of the piece of firewood in his hand, caught the puppy that attempted to follow the two when they moved back hastily. The puppy flung into the air and rolled over once before it fell, howling weekly. Tang Ciaco continued beating the puppy several times. Baldo, suddenly clung to his hands and beg him to stopped but he didn't listen. And instead battered the puppy until there's no sign of life coming from the puppy. Then Tang Ciaco turned to Baldo.
  • Get up!
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