Oedipus the King 2 - Acenas, Julian Diego D.

Updated: 8/18/2021
Oedipus the King 2 - Acenas, Julian Diego D.

Storyboard Text

  • Jocasta says that prophecy from mortals are not true, and said her own prophecy where her child will kill his father and marry her. She mentions that King Laius was accompanied by men but still died where three wagons meet. This triggers a memory from Oedipus, which makes him call on any survivors from King Laius's party.
  • Don't believe in prophecies said by man.
  • My prophecy is that my child will kill my husband and marry me. I left my child to die.
  • My husband also died from brigands where the three wagon roads meet, not by our child.
  • Call any survivors!
  • A messenger from Corinth tells Oedipus his father Polybus has died. Oedipus mentions his prophecy, where he kills his father and marries his mother. A drunken man also tells him that he is adopted, but when he mentioned this to his parents they paid no mind to it. This in turn leads to the messenger saying that Oedipus was a gift given by him to Polybus, his father, and Merope. his mother.
  • Your father, Polybus has died, and the people of Corinth ask you to be king.
  • You were a gift given to me by another man.
  • But, Polybus and Merope were childless. I gave you as a gift to them.
  • What about my mother? I have a prophecy in which I kill my father and marry my mother!
  • A drunken man also told me I was adopted, but my parents dismissed him.
  • The last survivor of King Laius's party came, and the messenger recognized him to be the one who gave him Oedipus when he was still a baby.
  • This is the man who gave me the child.
  • Out of pity, I gave him instead to that old man.
  • I was given a child by your wife, for me to kill it.
  • No.. This cannot be..
  • Jocasta was nowhere to be found. Later, Oedipus entered her room and found out that she hanged herself. In great despair, Oedipus blinds himself for all the disgusting deeds he has done.
  • This here is the king who solved the riddle of the Sphinx and saved Thebes. Everyone admired him and he was great, yet ruin in the end consumed him.
  • Oh my children, I am so sorry. You will all be cursed because of my actions.
  • Men dishonored and women left unmarried, all because of my disgusting deeds..