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Piaget's Stages of Development
Updated: 9/16/2020
Piaget's Stages of Development
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  • Pre-Operational Stage (2-7 years):The intuitive thought stage(4-7 years):This is the start of reasoning. Children start asking lots of questions as they realize they want to know more. They can only consider one aspect when something is complex. Conservation is not yet achieved. There is also irreversibility they cannot use thought to reverse events.
  • Piaget's Stages of Development
  • Sensorimotor Stage (0-2 years):Infants use their senses and movements to get information about their world. They begin with reflexes then learn to control their actions. They then start to learn object permanence the idea that objects exist even when you cant see them. By the end of this stage they will understand that they exist separately from the world around them.
  • Concrete Operational Stage (7-12 years):Children begin to apple rules and strategies to help their thinking and use concrete objects to aid their understanding. They have difficulty with abstract ideas such as morality. Abilities in this stage include seriation, conservation, reversibility, classification, and decentration.
  • Formal Operational Stage (12+ years):There is control over thoughts. Young people can think about more than two things to describe a person. They also have the ability to think about how time changes things, as thy get older. They also understand that vents have a sequence. They can see that action have consequences and that they and others exist in the real world separate from each other
  • Pre-Operational stage (2-7 years):The Symbolic Function stage (2-4 years):Children start imitating others and can use objects as symbols, and for role play. They can start to see the world through their own eyes
  • Why? Why? Why?
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