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Updated: 10/13/2020
global story
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  • a noble and a commoner
  • I work all day and night to pay the taxes that keep increasing. It gets harder for me to feed my family.
  • umm, sorry are you talking to me? it is none of my business to worry about your family, but Im warning you, never miss paying the tax, its mandatory!!
  • I want my freedom of speech! the King and Queen throw our money in the air to show off and have the lavish life they don't work hard for!
  • commoners to the king and queen
  • Give us food, we cannot feed our families. we pay taxes not for all the royals to party!
  • how dare these commoners talk to us like that?! The King should execute them or put them in jail right away!
  • i came for groceries but it it's so expensive I cannot afford it. what will I feed my family?
  • a commoner to commoner discussion regarding the drastic increase in expenses
  • same here! i think we should held a meeting here in secret and invite commoners like us and discuss what can be done.
  • discrimination between people of different class. (Hierarchy)
  • notes
  • The king misused his power so the commoners wanted to take action any way possible. As you can see above, the commoners were not given attention, the kings were ignorant and that resulted in the commoners realizing how they are being fooled and that this will continue, their voices won't ever be heard, Therefore, the commoners wanted their right as they realized.
  • The king and queen being ignorant and reluctant about the problems faced by commoners and misusing their power.
  • notes
  • The king was busy throwing lavish parties using the tax money from the commoners. Days passed and taxes and expenses drastically increased. It became hard for the commoners to live as they had to work all day and night to be able to pay the taxes which didn't stop increasing. The commoners understood that the king did not care about the commoners but cared about throwing lavish parties for showing off their wealth, while the economy was going down.
  • two commoners agreeing on holding a meeting secretively in order to gather up everyone and discuss what can be done about the increasing expenses.
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