Touching Spirit Bear Conflict storyboard Emily Carrillo

Updated: 9/10/2021
Touching Spirit Bear Conflict storyboard Emily Carrillo

Storyboard Text

  • Man vs Society
  • The police might have not caught him,but after a week passed,he bragged about the break in at school. pg7
  • Man vs Nature
  • Cole angrily burns his provided shelter and tries to swim away,and a white american black bear known as spirit bear mauls him when he attempts to kill it.pg43
  • Man vs Man
  • "Mom tell them how dad beats me when hes drunk"pg.49
  • "you think lifes a game/"you think im a jke" you think your in charge"pg54
  • This shows that is man vs society because it talks about Cole doing something he shouldn't/should not have done.For example,the break in at school,he may have not gotten caught but he did break into the property.
  • This shows it man vs nature because it talk about Cole messing with Nature.Like in this example it talks about the spirit bear.Cole tries to attack and kill the bear but instead the bear attacks him.
  • This shows man vs man.Cole says that hes dad beats him evrey tim hes drunk. Coles dad claims that he dosen't beat or put hands on Cole