Buddhism story
Updated: 1/12/2021
Buddhism story

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  • Follow the Eightfold path!
  • Little did Siddartha know that all these concepts would be the foundation of a religion called Buddhism. Buddhism now has more than one million followers all thanks to Siddartha and his teachings.
  • The
  • LIFE
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  • Siddartha is surprised by the change of scenery and thinks it is very interesting.
  • Wow! There are actually people my age here.
  • Siddartha then sees something that shocks him. He sees a skinny old man sitting on the side of the dirty street begging people for money, even as little as 5 cents. Not only that, but he passes by a hospital which he realizes is an entire building for people that are sick and many deaths occur there. Siddartha realizes there is a lot more to the world than what he knew.
  • Please, spare me some change!
  • After this revelation, in denial and shock, Siddartha decides to leave that palace and live his life as an ascetic for 6 years. This did not lead him towards finding the solution to all the suffering he witnessed in the city. He then attempted to find the solution by sitting under a bodhi tree for 49 days and meditating. This method ends up working and he reaches enlightenment.
  • Omm
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