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Savannah Hubbard.
Updated: 9/22/2020
Savannah Hubbard.
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  • Federalists; "We need a stronger national government!
  • Anti-Federalists; "The state governments should have more power than the national government.
  • This sounds familiar!!
  • F; Having a Bill of rights is worthless. There is no need, if the national government has more power.
  • What is your thoughts on Federalists and Anti-federalists?
  • A:We need a Bill Of Rights to verify individual rights!
  • A; From past experiences, if we give the national government more power, it could be easily abused.
  • Who made a better argument?
  • F; If we don't give the national government enough power then we, (as states) would have to fend for ourselves through crisis'.
  • F; The National Government should have power over the states.
  • A; States should be independent and create their own laws.
  • I agree with the Federalists because I think that the national government should be stronger than the state governments. And we do not need a Bill Of Rights because it will only weaken the constitution.
  • I think the Federalists made a better argument because they seem to care for the being of the whole country and not just themselves. I also think that the federalists made a better point because they wanted the national government to have more power only to protect other states. Lastly, federalists think that with a more powerful government, states can be stronger together, and I agree.
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