Updated: 8/20/2021

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School Assignment

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  •  The BFG comes to town at night around the orphanage to give some kids a good night dreams to kids, a little girl named Sophie realizes he is there and the BFG doesn't know how to react, so he captures her. (BFG also know as Big Friendly Giant)
  •  After the BFG explaining why he captured her and not letting her go back to her old life, they have a curious human eating giant break in and almost eat Sophie.(girl inside the bol hiding from the giant. The giant takes a bite of the gross food inside the bowl)
  •  For the second time after the deadly giant gets scared off by his weakness, water, he returns with his friends and this time knows the BFG has a friend. They wreck his home up but, Sophie survives.
  • Later after the giants leave a dangerous dream is found and they chase after it and ketch it.
  • After ketching the dream it gives Sophie an idea to create a bad dream and send it to the queen to realize the good and bad giants. In the morning the queen is in shock to see Sophie on the window.
  • After the BFG and Sophie introducing themselves to The Queen Of England, they tell that the bad dream the queen had was true, then gave them the locations of the human eating giants. After they send attack to get rid of the giants, they finally get rid of them.