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Updated: 12/4/2018
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  • Poised = be or cause to be balenced or suspended
  • Venture = a risky or daring journey
  • Defy = openly resist or refuse to obey
  • Consequence = a result or effect of an action
  • Rigid = unable to bend out of shape not flexible
  • Rudinentary = invalving or limited to basic principles
  • Sparsely = in a thinly dispersed manner
  • Array = an impressive display or range of a particular type
  • Immaculately = in a neat and perfect manner
  • Permeated = spread throughout something
  • Michael and his dog, Stella went over board. They washed upon a island. Michael and Stella were not the only ones on the island there was an old man there. He built a beacon and when he went to light it the old man kicked it over and threw the pieces into the ocean. The old man made a line so Michael does not go into the water. Michael goes over the line and he got stung by a jellyfish it felt like he was going to die. Then the old man saved him. When he woke up hewas in the old mans cave. Michael and the old manbecame best friends. The old man made a spear for Michael to catch fish with him.
  • Done by: Priya Kashlyn jack lincoln Matthew
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