Trigonometry Project
Updated: 5/12/2020
Trigonometry Project
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  • Hi! I am an all star NFL punter. During practice, I practice kicking little kids into the goal post because it makes it easier to do it with a real football. I need to kick this little kid into the goal post
  • We are 20 yards away from the goal post and the goal post is held up to where I am looking at it at a 45 degree angle. Like all kickers, I have to figure out how high I need to kick it. I easily calculate it by doing Tan(45)*20, which is 20 yards up. So I have to kick the ball 20 yards up.
  • Another way I figure out how I need to kick the ball is by measuring the shadow the goal post reflects, which is 29 yards as I look at it from a 45 degree angle. So by doing 29*Cos(45), the exact measurement of the goal post is 20.5 yards.
  • The final way I use to determine how to kick the kid is by knowing that the height of the goal post is about 20 yards up and the shadow it casts is 29 yards. Now all I would need to know is what angle to kick it at, and I find that out by doing Sin-1 (20/29), which is 43.6 degrees.
  • Now that I have shown you all my methods, I will prove it by kicking the kid!
  • Now we kick the kid! AANNDD...It's good!!!
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