The Talkative Barber by Gurnain Kaur
Updated: 1/13/2021
The Talkative Barber by Gurnain Kaur

Storyboard Text

  • One day a sultan called the Barber to shave his head.
  • You do me an injury by calling me a chatterer
  • When are u going to stop talking and begin to do your work???
  • ''O master , do not be angry , I will begin to shave you.
  • Stop making your fine speeches and let me go quickly. I have an affair of the greatest importance
  • I wish u would tell me what this matter of great importance is all and then I will give u my opinion on it. Which u might find useful.
  • The sultan was completely fed up by now and decided to satisfy the barber. He told him that he is giving a feast to some friends. When the barber heard the sultan mention a feast he said,''That reminds me. Yesterday i also invited my 4 friends for a feast but i have not made my preparations. The sultan who was at the mercy of the barber was ready to do anything to be rid of him. The barber said plz show me food if it is enough for my 5 friends the Sultan ordered
  • ''Finish shaving at once,'' But instead of doing this , the barber left the sultan half shaved. to go and see what time it was.
  • The fruits should also be brought in.
  • the barber examine each dish separately this took half an hour, he again took the razor but after a few minutes of work ,stopped suddenly and cried,'' I never knew that u were so generous.
  • This is very good but i shall want some fruit for the dessert
  • ''The End!!!
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