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Juilus Caesar
Updated: 5/21/2020
Juilus Caesar
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  • ACT 2 SCENE 1. This scene is when Cassius manipulates Brutus into being apart of their plan to kill Caesar. As they continue to talk, Brutus clarifies his feelings on the situation and how things should be done from now on. Cassius brings up the idea of an oath but Brutus was shocked considering what is to come due to their actions.
  • OK. As long as you swear and oath of our actions....
  • I will help with your plan but deserve the right to control what happens from here on.
  • ACT 2 SCENE 2. This scene takes place at Caesar's home where Calpurnia his wife is begging him to stay, after having a nightmare about the fate of Caesar and Rome. After Caesar hears this he decides to stay but, Decius Brutus gives him compelling reasons to come by flourishing him with compliments, resulting in Caesar thinking he should go to the Capitol.
  • YOUR RIGHT. Caesar is not afraid of no one and will go to the Capitol!
  • Please Caesar!! This situation scares me!
  • But Cesar you are mighty and hold so much power.
  • ACT 2 SCENE 3. This is a short scene that talks about a new character named Artemidorus. He has somehow found out about the conspirators and their plans to kill Caesar. He writes on a piece of paper to warn Caesar what is coming and hopes to give it to him.
  • I HAVE to warn Caesar!!
  • Dear Caesar, Beware of Brutus...
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