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  • 22.4 Protecting The Northern Border
  • By Brody D. Blount
  • First Emperor of China
  • I now pronounce you, king of Qin
  • 22.5 Ending Opposition
  • Prince Zheng was born into the Zhou royal family and became the first emperor of Qin at the young age of 13 years oldHe used military and many other things to conquer all of China.He later divided China into 36 districts and gave 3 different people to govern those places. One area was for Army an other was for Law and Agriculture and the last one was for reporting to the Emperor.
  • 22.2 Making an Empire
  • Emperor Qin wanted to unify China, so he made everywhere have the same laws and tons of laws and he also decided to make all useable currency into metal coinsHe also decided to change up languages and made sure everyone had the same language.Lastly, Emperor Qin decided all money would be bronze or gold coins with a circle in the middle so that people could hold a lot of money on a string.
  • 22.3 Standardizing Culture
  • In order to protect his Empire, Emperor Qin ordered for a long wall to be built along the northern border of China.The Wall was originally called the 10,000 Li long wall, not much of the original wall is left, (The Great Wall of China that we know today was continued by other rulers)The construction of the wall took up to 10 years and was done by a task force of 300,000 workers, who worked in harsh conditions.
  • The changes the emperor made aroused some opposition, especially from the Confucian scholars.One scholar criticized the emperor saying that the Qin dynasty wont last very long because of how harsh laws were.The emperor responded to that by deciding to burn all Confucian books amongst other things, he had decided that only medicinal, farming and books about the history of the Qin Dynasty should stay.
  • BURNNNNN!!!!!!
  • Though Emperor Qin had so many achievements and wealth, ancient writings say that he was never able to find true happiness. He was searching all over China while trying to find a potion that could make him immortal, he even died on one of these trips though, nobody knows how. When Emperor Qin was buried, he was buried with tons of valuables, tools and most impressive, a army of terracotta warriors, all unique.
  • 22.6 The Emperor's Death and the end of the Qin Dynasty