Updated: 3/20/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Elizabet Herrera, the owner of the parrot, was taking care of Matias, two years old. It was morning and Matias was having breakfast alone, because Elizabet had come when she opened the door.
  • While Elizabet was at the door, Denber the parrot began to make a very strange noise.
  • Denber started yelling "Baby!" Over and over. Elizabet said she had never heard the parrot scream like this before.
  • Baby!!!! Baby!!!!
  • She ran out to see what was going on. And when she looked at Matias, she saw that his face had turned purple. Matias's breakfast had got stuck in her throat. She couldn't breathe because the food was still there.
  • Matias began to breathe normally again. And once Dember saw that Matias was okay, she stopped screaming.
  • Duty, the parrot, received an award from the Red Cross for his actions.
  • END