historical literacy thing

Updated: 10/1/2021
historical literacy thing

Storyboard Text

  • Sir it's not fair that we do everything for you.
  • I want you all to go and fight for me.
  • But sir I don't want to fight againts them.
  • Yes sir
  • You do as I say for you are under my control.
  • Yes sir we will b eon our way.
  • we should rebel against him and show him we just need more people .
  • right I don't understand why we don't stop we are hwy he has power.
  • people of sparta stand with us and take over this monarcy and turn into a democracy were we would all have a say.
  • we are done taking orders from you we want a fair government and you can't stop us because we were your power.
  • The people of sparta will no longer listen to you for we will listen to who we want our leader to be.
  • Alex all we have to do now is vote on our leader an os far it looks like it's going to be you.
  • Yes we did it Jake we made it a democracy and not an moarcy.