Book 9 Visual Representation
Updated: 2/12/2021
Book 9 Visual Representation

Storyboard Text

  • Odysseus and his men raid Cicones and kill their men and capture their woman as well as their riches.
  • Odysseus warned his men that they should leave and be on with their day. On the other hand, Odysseus' men had their own vision in mind, they wanted to party and stay and drink while they could. While they were partying, there were men from the island that they didn't know were planning to attack Odysseus and his men. So they barely fled.
  • Odysseus and his men tried traveling home. However, they faced terrible winds and got stranded hundreds of miles away and found an island of people who didn't want to cause any harm so they boarded their island and stayed there for some hospitality.
  • As Odysseus stays at the Island, he realizes that the people are not harmful, but the Lotus plant is harmful. The plant was designed to pleasure the consumer with a honey-sweet taste and to make them forgetful. Odysseus saw that and told his men to leave with him.
  • As Odysseus and his men fled from the Lotus eating Island, they needed to find a real place to stay and they slept on that island and were gifted from the gods with 9 goats per boat. The next day they went searching around the island and found a cave, but this was no ordinary cave, this cave had tons of food in it and they stayed to find more...
  • Odysseus and his men were held captive in the Cyclops' cave and were shut in by the boulder that was placed by the Cyclops. The Cyclops was going to eat them but Odysseus and his remaining men created a plan. They were going to give him wine to get him drunk and then once he passes out, he will stab him in the eye and then flee under one of the rams that the Cyclops normally lets out. Since the Cyclops is blind, he won't notice that they're under the rams and will escape.