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Updated: 5/25/2020
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  • 1. I wonder if the soil cant't hold these riverbanks anymore.
  • 2. It will lead to quite a disaster that will influence our life.
  • 3. Yup, that is called mudslide which the soil eroded and washed away by the river. Any severe, it can lead to several pollution.
  • 3. Yes,sure..the microbes play such crucial part in our soil which they act as the stabilizers of soil structures, its fertility, maintaining nutrient cycles, helps in decomposition, keep the healthy soil development and also being the main subjects for our microbiological studies.
  • 1. Did you know, a teaspoon of soil contains more than a billion microorganisms that mainly important to our nature?
  • 2. You bet, just imagine the whole field. I am sure Gloria has a better explanation about their importance to our soil.
  • 2. You're welcome Baby. It is one of the essential knowledge on appreciating our nature.
  • 3. Sure, no problem,now we all can know, how we actually need the microbes in soil for our living things..
  • 1. I had so much fun learning about the microbes and soil today. Thank you both of you for the explanations about them. I cant wait to know more before we end our camp.
  • 1. Our scientists, strongly believe in the roles of the soil microorganisms, but did we realize that healthy soil can help us achieve some of the UN's SDG Goals? How about it Baby?
  • 2. Yeah, we can say that this SDG Goals need the soil and its microbes to achieve for almost 8/17 goals for a better future. Mostly in our food supply, environment and awareness. I'll send the link to you guys later for a better understanding.
  • 3. I see. Now I understand about the SDG Goals. I have to learn more about it.
  • 1. Okay, before we head home, how we can save and prevent this soil crisis?
  • 2. To conclude our best camping so far, first we have to increase our knowledge about this matter. The we can suggest for reforestation, land management, soil matting and mulching, apply sustainable agriculture to preserve the soil and its microorganisms.
  • 3. In order to spread more awareness about this issue, I'm totally agree with your solutions Sakinah.
  • 3. Great! Why don't we work as a team? Ill make an awareness video for this. Lets continue our conversation later. Bye..till we again.
  • 1. I'm very happy about our journey, very interesting and a lot of information we can share.I think I am going to create a social medias profile to tell more to others to stop this crisis. See ya soon.
  • 2. Thanks you guys too, I'm going to try making some infographic posters about it. We will catcth up later okay.
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