Bacteria Graphic Novel
Updated: 4/21/2020
Bacteria Graphic Novel
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  • In the laboratory where scientists are studying methane-eating bacteria
  • I think the methanotrophs will help the planet. Especially if it gets rid of all of the methane.
  • Yeah, I just found out the methanotrophs can also produce biofuels from the methane eaten.
  • Looking at the data, the methane we collected from the cows was eaten up within the week.
  • The researchers testing the MMO's near cows, which produce 40% of the world's methane each year.
  • This could be very helpful if we could get the methanotrophs to last longer in the tank.
  • In a field where a toxic waste spill occurred.
  • If we can get the methanotrophs to eat some of this toxic waste, it could help clean up spills faster and more efficiently.
  • We would need to contain the toxic waste with the methanotrophs and get the methanotrophs to start breaking down the waste...
  • DANGER Toxic Waste Cleanup. Do not enter.
  • So the copper in methanotrophs can break apart methane, and we can make biofuels with the leftover waste.
  • Yes, however we still need to figure out practical uses in real life where the methanotrophs can last longer and get rid of the methane before it enters the atmosphere.
  • Methanotrophs are currently being used in different projects around the world to try and reduce the amount of methane in the atmosphere. Recently, scientists discovered novel methanotrophs which require require less than 1% of the methane concentration level that allows their wetland counterparts to thrive. That means they can survive and reproduce on atmospheric methane concentration levels and can pull methane from the atmosphere.
  • All About Methanotrophs
  • By John N.
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