Importance Of Water

Updated: 8/28/2020
Importance Of Water

Storyboard Text

  • Hi i am Rohan. I have learned a nice lesson which i will tell you in a story.
  • Rohan! why are you throwing this can in this clean river, it is being polluted.
  • Me and my father went on a picnic at the river bank.
  • Dad this river is too big. Nothing will happen by throwing only a can in it.
  • Rohan! do not waste water switch off the tap
  • Mom, the water of the whole earth will not finish only by keeping a tap on.
  • I always wasted water.
  • Rohan is always wasting and polluting water we have to do something about it.
  • So, my parents planned to teach me a lesson.
  • Yes I have a plan.
  • Then, my father brought me here and i saw this.
  • Rohan come here and look at them you always waste water ,but these people have to stand in large ques behind water tanker for water.
  • Dear Rohan, like you others also think that nothing will happen by wasting water once , but this thinking only pollutes it.
  • Now I understood the importance of water and I will never waste it.
  • And from that day I never wasted water.