Climate change comic strip
Updated: 2/17/2021
Climate change comic strip

Storyboard Text

  • Climate is the long term patterns of weather or atmospheric conditions, over many years.
  • Another climate Earth has gone through is a time where it was really hot causing animals go extinct
  • Some time ago earth was a really cold planer
  • Geologist can find out about past climates by looking at ice cores with air bubbles of past atmospheres.
  • These Earth shifts cause the planet to wobble, change the tilt, and changes how the earth orbits the sun
  • Milankovitch cycles are slight shifts the Earth does when orbiting the sun which cause it to have super seasons and changes in climate.
  • The volcanoes also caused acid rain killing all the vegetation
  • Volcanoes erupting back in the age of the dinosaurs caused sunlight to be blocked by clouds of gas making temperature drop
  • The ocean is also a contributor to the weather. Ocean currents can bring warm air and warm air can cause serious weather.