Updated: 5/8/2020

Storyboard Text

  • HI what's your name ? and were are you headed
  • Hi I'm Lele I'm going to Queensland and the to Tasmania so I'm going up and then downThen to see an igluu
  • Meet you to the other side
  • I should build a sand castle
  • States to visit EG Queensland,south Australia,New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and more States you may visit
  • I'm so cold
  • Beaches EG White heaven beach QLD,Bondi beach NSW,Rapid bay,fleurieu South Australia. Really nice beaches
  • Attractions EG Harbor bridge, Great barrier reef, opera house Amusement parks. uluru Some beautiful Attractions
  • yay so much fun
  • mazing adventures opportunities EG scuba dive in barrier reefs, climb sydney bridge,UluruCool adventures that you can do in Australia
  • sAmE HeRe
  • Land EG Australia. Land information
  • Heaps of theme parks and water parks to enjoy EG Luna park, Sea world, Movie world.Some amazing theme and water parks