The Unexpected Adventure
Updated: 1/22/2020
The Unexpected Adventure
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  • I see the ball! How tall is that tree?
  • Well, given that the angle of elevation from the ground to the top is 41.8 Degrees, and the distance from the top to the ground by me is 15 feet, we can calculate 15 * sin(41.8) = about 10 feet!
  • Good job finding the height of the tree so we could get the ball!
  • Thanks! I wonder where this path leads though, let's check it out.
  • Woah, It's an archway leading somewhere! Let's go!
  • That mountain in the distance's base is 1500 feet and the side from me to the top is 2600 feet! That's crazy!
  • That's awesome! Using that info we could calculate the inverse cosine of 1500/2700 and find that the angle of elevation from your side to the top is around 56.3 degrees!
  • Holy Crap, It's a volcano! I wonder how tall it is? We know that half the base would be 750, but what about after that?
  • So if we calculate 750/tan(36.87) we get almost exactly 1000 feet tall!
  • Well, the angle from the top to the middle of the base and the end on my side is 36.87 degrees.
  • That was an unexpected adventure, but a fun one for sure!
  • And we got my ball back too!
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