Updated: 12/2/2020

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  • My parents are gone this weekend.. Team party.. my place?
  • I am calling your coach, you're grounded
  • I'm down
  • Your parents have beer right?
  • Um.. I gotta check with my parents , I will let you know
  • What the $@#*?!Did you know that you can become more likely to be addicted when you start now?
  • I am still thinking , I know the drinking age is 21 and we are on team..
  • So ,are you going to come over?! Please
  • Pro: Friends will like me more
  • I can go over to my friends and drink or I can stay home
  • Con: Could get in trouble for basketball
  • Brooke, Briana, Ashley Please come to the office ..
  • I am so glad I decided to not go to they party , Now I can play in the game and my friends can't
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