Updated: 6/29/2020

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  • I used to drive to Oilton every night to get home to my wife. An hour out of Laredo, on a motorcycle after midnight, is a dangerous place to be. But we lived in peace and quiet in the country. When the sun set, the community was still and quiet.
  • My wife and I lived in a small two bedroom house with our dog. We lived in a teacherage for Webb CISD, where my wife was a teacher, coach, bus driver, special education coordinator, and counselor consultant.
  • On the wrong side of politics we found ourselves moving away at the end of the school year, back to the valley and the urban life. We missed the quiet of the starry nights, the lack of traffic, and the absence of the internet, radio and television.
  • We found ourselves though luckily within minutes of hospital help and the advancements of medical technology. My wife soon had an emergency appendectomy. Then, soon after that event we got other news related to her healh and wellbeing...
  • My wife soon delivered our first child, a boy. Living nearer to family was a blessing with free babysitting. But now living near work, he would go with me to class, office, and conferences. There was no need to worry about travel or distance from medical help. My son has been my sidekick since birth.
  • But like any good situation, when you make the best of everything you find yourself doubly blessed. We now have two boys and with the COVID 19 quarantine, I have been able to witness all the growth of my second son as I did my first. So we celebrate each day with our 2 year old and 6 month old.