Unknown Story

Updated: 10/13/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Well this is certaintly interesting, to be together with new activists fighting for our country!
  • Well Sir Jefferson, I regret to inform you that things are still quite negative even after the Declaration of Independence.
  • Well this is an outrage! We worked so hard to convey the message that all men are equal and people are still being treated unfairly!
  • Well, I am the president and I have been trying to work on this isuue, but the people won't cooperate!
  • Well we will just have to try and come up with a way to unite the people!
  • Well sure, we'll just put them in a room and have them hug it out. It isn't that simple Mr. Washington now is it?
  • Maybe, we could have a meeting with the people. Invite them to a town hall kind of thing, and discuss equality with them.
  • Well sir, it is not guaranteed that everyone will come. This isn't just some invite to a casual tuesday dinner, and not everyone would cooperate.
  • Broadcasting.... now, I have never heard of such a thing what is that?
  • Oh Sir Washington, things have become modenized since we've been gone. Did you know they now have sliced bread? It comes ready to eat as well!
  • Well I say that we invite the most important people of congress to talk about this, and broadcast it on television for the people.
  • Thank you all for coming, and thank you to the people who are watching from home. Now as you know equality......
  • Well, this television thing is quite genius! Why didn't we have this when I was young? I could have been watching cartoons instead of being sent into war!
  • Yes, it was a good idea, but look at how intelligent this generation is compared to us! Hahahah!