Art integration

Updated: 9/6/2020
Art integration

Storyboard Text

  • Hey! Can you help me with my homework? i have to differentiate between electric field intensity and magnetic field induction.
  • Yes! Do you know the their definition?
  • Well electric field intensity represents the strenght of the field at a point which is also the force on a unit positive charge....
  • Thats right! Magnetic field induction at a point due to magnetic field of source is the force experienced with angle between velocity and field as 90 degree!
  • E=F/q and its SI unit is N/C or Vm. I know hat too.
  • And the SI unit of Electromagnetic Induction is T or Tesla !
  • I also know that Magnetic Field intensity depends upon the configuration of current.
  • Electric Field intensity is due to a stationary charge while Electromagnetic induction is due to a moving charge.
  • Are they similar in a way?
  • Yes, both of them are inversely proportional to the distance.
  • Thank you so much.. this will help me a lot.
  • Anytime! We should go to our class now.. bye!